Richard Haggart has over 30 years experience as a trial and business lawyer. Here is his background:

“Before entering law school I was a partner in a Wall Street investment house and a staff member to two United States Senators. During my legal career I ’ve has obtained major verdicts and settlements in a wide variety of cases ranging from airplane crashes and tractor-trailer truck accidents to small business disputes and inheritance fraud. After maintaining offices in both Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Washington for many years, I am now located in West Seattle but continue to be available to clients in Alaska as well as in the local community.

The office is currently accepting a limited number of cases in the areas of: personal injury, civil and business claims and probates. I regret I do not handle domestic relations or criminal cases.

Please call for a free initial consultation on the legal issues that concern you. Perhaps I can help.”

Toll-Free: 888-659-2525

Thank You!

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